Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Hi readers, this is Diganta (Digonto in Bengali pronounciation) taking India to you. Let me introduce briefly myself and then I'll go into details of why I started blogging.

I am Diganta, from a Hyderabad, India. I belong to the Software generation of India, the generation often hated and looked upon in the West and envied in the South Asia. Though I stay in Hyderabad these days, I am born and brought up in a suburban town of Barddhaman (Burdwan) in West Bengal. After completing the graduation in Computer Science from Shibpore Bengal Engineering College, I joined a rare startup Software product company, named Connective Systems. Now, I am with Microsoft India R & D Ltd., Hyderabad.

My mother tongue is Bengali, the fourth highest spoken language in the world. I love the language though do not like West Bengal that much.

Besides India, I have a strong connection with Bangladesh. My father came to India at the time of Bangladesh freedom fight. My wife is still a Bangladeshi citizen. Hence, I will cover a lot of bilateral issues of India-Bangladesh in my blog.

The reason I started blogging is the amount of hatred I can see across the people in todays world. Every problem starts with a few bad person, and ends at generations of hatred, even among good people. There are more specific problems, like misquoting, and misuse of statistics. Some people even start writing up statistics without even verifying the sources. One wrong writing generates wrong knowledge for each of the readers, and the error propagates!! I would try to rectify the statistics or information given in several newspapers and sites using some reliable and dependable sources.

My focus will mainly be on India and her relationship with different countriesthough the priority will be our neighbors.

Also, I am a die-hard sports lover. Hence, I will intervene my serious discussions with some lucid sports round-up.

Good bye, keep on reading.

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