Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Plastic Cars to Set a Revolution in South Asian Car Market

Tata motors is planning to launch it's much-awaited Rs. 1 lakh ($2000 approx) mini-car by 2008. What could be the major material used in the car apart from steel and aluminium? It's going to be plastic !!!!!

For the sceptics, it's a fact that on an average 20% of a car are already made of plastic. However, this plastic is not the one we are familiar with, but it's a much improved version of that. According to GE Plastics Global Marketing executive Mark Kingsley, it can be easily scaled upto 40%. This implies a further 10% reduction in weight which will translate into 5% reduction in fuel consumption.

GE Plastic is known for their Front Fascia plastic. It is used in Tata motors' best selling mini-truck Tata Ace. The Front Fascia is capable of withstanding high impact.

Whatever the technology might look like, the 1 lakh car is all set to bring joy to many Indian homes, who are just away from cars because of the price-tag. And we all know, necessity is the mother of invention. Let's wait and see how this innovation takes place on Indian roads.

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