Monday, January 22, 2007

Racism and UK

After the incident of racial abuse on Shilpa Shetthy by a British actress on a Reality show 'Big Brother' on Channel Four, there has been a chain reaction of events going on. The reactions, however, pointed out the maturity of Indians and Britishers to retain the pride of the respective countries. The Indian media, although attacked the person seriously, has also shown no bias against the Britishers. They have also covered the anti-racism protests held inside Britain and singled out that it's possibly not the country but the individual responsible for the debacle. The British media also did not try to cover up the concerned actress Jade Goody and accused her of racism. The political leaders, thanks to the democracy in place, condemned the event. The sponsors withdrew their support, may be due to the forsighted problems in entering Indian market. Eventually, the actress apologized.

A BBC coverage on Indian maturity to handle the event.

I would also add to the report about the maturity of British people in this regard. Although, the actress was popular in British entertainment world, they showed no mercy on her. They realized the importance of saving the reputation of their own country and behaved rationally. Rather than blaming media or the channel (which is actually partly responsible), they zoomed into the actual problem, down to the individual level, and made ger apologize. When'll India mature and behave similarly?

To some extent, Indians getting matured. I saw it in the latest Bangalore riots report. Everybody blamed politicians instead the other community for the violence. I have doubts whether Indian politicians are 'matured' enough to apologize.

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