Sunday, January 28, 2007

Holy dip in Dirty water

The Ardh-Kumbh is at last over. Another gathering of people took the holy dip in the dirty Ganges river. A river, if it is really a pious place and is treated as a godess, should be kept clean at least. Or otherwise, the fanatics of religion should understand that a holy dip in a life with whatever belief they had, can actually do more harm than the upgradation of the life. Is it at all possible to have a clearer 'soul' if you pollute your body? I have serious doubts.

Still, the Kumbh draws 50-70mn pilgrims and takes place once in 12 years and indeed is the largest religious gathering on the earth. Sometimes I ask myself, is it really worth having a dip with such a powerful belief? The realities might be stranger than I think.

Read a foreigner describing their experience of Kumbh-mela.

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