Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I would recommend a few books I am going through right now. I'll come up with my understandings once I finish them.

Book 1 : DNA : The Secret of Life by James Watson, person who discovered the Double Helix.

Book 2 : The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

Book 3 : The Inflationary Universe by Alan Guth.

All three are very good books if somebody likes the topics. The first one ranges from Eugenics to modern-day DNA fingerprinting and Genetically Modified Crops. It starts with a critical note against Darwinism, but went onto describe how it has overcome the problems and eventually adding value in the human society.

The second one is self-descriptive, Dawkins refuted all the traditional claims for existence of God and called to organize the atheists. He argued how atheists are suffering despite their stance is the most logical one.

The third one starts from Big-Bang theory and it's proofs. It also comes to the flaws in the theory and eventually gets into the new Inflationary Theory on the creation of Universe. He described the evolution of his theory with references to the key incidents in his life in a lucid manner. The ideas are a little bit difficult to digest (especially the negative pressure of vacuum), but a second thought should solve the problems.

I hope I can finish the books very soon and come up with my analysis. I have to go throough half of Book 1 and 2, and a quarter of the last one. Till then, if anyone else can come up with his views, I'd be greatful to him.

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